Social Networking Development Prospects main

Social Networking Development Prospects main

Social Networking.

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    Today there are many social networks in the world and most popular of them have hundreds of millions of users and their audience is still growing. Today, one can distinguish the most important trends in the development of social networks:

    -socialization of all – today, every site is created with some functions.


    And development of niche-oriented networks


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    Social social-Mobile networks


    These are logical and understandable and in this article we will tell you abut the prospects of social networks in the near future.

    Today there is a large number of social networks on the Internet, but every day networks new ones are created. Recently, these networks are primarily social niche: for millionaires and executives, for dog lovers and those with particular hobby. There are too many social networks for everyone and that is why niche-oriented social networks are becoming increasingly popular. The recent example of social networking niche interest is Africa’s social network designed specifically for Africans and their needs. There are also some popular social networks for moms and parents. Today more and more closed social networks appear. You can not register their – for the social network as you need an invitation and usually must meet certain criteria. There are such closed networks for fame, to meet people or just very beautiful. And according to experts, the number of such networks to “chosen” not grow.

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    My name is Alex and I gladly use Africa Social network. It helps to meet black people from all over the world. This social network also gives a possibility to know more about African Celebrities and even to speak with them in video chat.

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