How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging

Make Money Blogging.

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    The Another problem is that a good proportion of people who make money blogging by selling crap advice to another 999,999 failures. I will not do it. I do not sell a damn thing, but if you follow my advice and sign up for the tools I use, I’ll do a couple of dollars in commissions. I only need 999,999 people to follow my advice and I’ll be set for life, in this case – anyone want to buy some blogs


    Just joke, I would never part with them ;). But back to the question most people really want to ask – “Can I make money blogging and if so -? Comment”


    The is yes. I am a professional blogger and have been for several years. I do so with a combination of freelance, several niche blogs, article writing, and for the last 18 months, writing a business blog for real estate portal. The latter – if you plan to blogging for business – requires you to have already developed a reputation in a particular area, and be able to demonstrate the skills to make it work. Including traffic generation, relationship building and inbound links and actually be successful blogger.

    There is more than one way to skin a cat, and for the purposes of this article I will show you the steps necessary to create your own money making blogs. I say instead blog blogs because the chances are that you – like me – go to failure, in some cases and be successful in others. This probably means more than one area and / or niche. The trick then is to capitalize on success. For ease of use, all the links in this article will open in a new window. That’s how to do it:

    Step One – Choose a niche and domain name

    Yes – this is the first step. No, “Oh, I have a blogger blog called

    Michelle cats and Johns favorite

    , how do I go to make money from it” Forget that -? You need to identify a niche or a subject that could be a profitable investment, choose a domain name based on the research you did, buy it, host it and set up the blog is where it gets boring, because you have to Sorry for this research work begins now -… You did not think it would be easy to make that money from a blog you do not do? worry if purchasing a domain and hosting it means nothing to you -. we get to this course, having said all this, some you have to stop and tell me that selling toys for cats has been the best thing they’ve ever entered, and they now live a life of luxury in the Bahamas proceeds.

    Researching out a potential niche to make money or subject.

    This is where the work begins. I can promise to a personal experience that if you put up a blog with the sole intention of making money, you need to find a profitable niche. For example, say you’ve done some research and settled on hair care products as a potentially profitable niche and decided to make money on your blog by selling hair care products. A search term possible that some could be used to find a hair care product would “shampoo hair care,” then a suitable domain name is While you’re unlikely to sell many hair care products through, Other things to consider are the amount of People looking for a particular term, the amount of money advertisers pay to advertise using this particular phrase, and how this term competitive is.

    This is where research comes in. Now, this topic is enormous, and I do not plan to go into details, because there are others that specialize in this area, some of which are excellent. In my case, it is by far the most technically requiring to make money with a blog, and I personally hate to do – but is a necessary step in the process. This is my first recommendation

    To learn to do effective keyword research, go to this site


    The Academy

    Sign-up and follow their lessons video. Membership is not expensive ($ 1 for the first month and then $ 33 per month) and I guarantee that you get the money you spent if you follow their instructions. Once you have a list of search terms you may want to target, the next step is to go buy a suitable domain name.


    Advanced Research

    Once you typed the basics of keyword research there are a number of automatic systems available and seeking the return of potentially profitable niches. I do not recommend the use of these until you understand the basics. This is vital – do not use this to Have you worked your way through the lessons Academy of keywords and understand the information offered to you. This is fantastic – Niche Horde.

    Basically, what this does is – every user who uses this service can enter keywords and the software search and find related keywords and niches – the higher the level of competition for that keyword or niche. And it will return literally millions of potential keywords. And this information is available at all members. But – you must have a clear understanding of the information that is offered. It will also search for a domain name exact match once you have identified a potential keyword. Absolutely worth the $ 97 per year. It’s less than $ 10 per month. Visit them and see the video

    Niche Horde

    Webcomp analyst

    Is other useful piece of software that analyzes the level of competition for a particular keyword – right down to the amount inbound links using the anchor text for each web page you choose to analyze competitors. Amazing piece of software and combined withe Niche Horde will save you countless hours of time. 67.

    A snip at $

    Webcomp analyst.

    Step two – Buying a domain name (your website) and accommodation it

    Let stick with We decided that it would be a good name to sell hair products. What we will actually sell our own products, using Google advertising, selling affiliate products or sell banner ads really makes no difference here. Go to Bluehost or Host Gatorand use their research facilities to see if that name is available by clicking the button that says “start search domain” and completing the word “haircareshampoo” and see if it is available. If it is (which it is not) then you must open an account and to buy the domain and hosting from them. I prefer their unlimited hosting packages, but you’re on a tight budget you can afford according you.

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    I am a freelance and work from home.


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