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Hello, my name is Harry Blomfield. I am a dinkum born n’ bred Kiwi and have lived all my life in New Zealand. Over the Harry Blomfield CEO Smartnetworld Enterprisesyears I have been actively involved in business management as well as owning and operating  my own very successful small business. I am now retired.

After retiring and selling off my business interests I created SmartNetWorld Enterprises as an online presence mainly to occupy my time as well as provide a retirement income.

Over the past few years I have done a lot of research, accumulating Knowledge and resources on all aspects of internet marketing and income generation. It is my intention to utilize this website and accompanying newsletter to pass on to you this knowledge and the income producing opportunities. You will be able to gain from my experience the best ways to start and maintain a profitable home based business and make money online.

Surprisingly, profitable business opportunities do abound on the internet (but be warned, so do scams), you can make money fast and make money easy and you can make money from home or anywhere in the world for very little money out of your own pocket.

Making money online can be basically done in 4 ways, but how you go about it can be done all kinds of different ways! You could…..

1. Sell products or a service on a website or blog
2. Sell products or a service by email
3. Make money on other people’s sales
4. Provide a service of your own

What I do is I use all 4 of these ways to make money. I create multiple streams of income by using the internet to sell other people’s products and programs on a website and by email. Recruit others and help them make money doing what you are doing. Provide a service that people are willing to pay for. My articles throughout this web site will show you how you can do the same, very easily.

Now I have a gift for you. You will find that this book “Building Your Online Business On Today’s Internet!” is full of sound helpful information, tips and ideas that will head you in the right direction with your internet home based business. I recommend that you download it here, then use its information as a base to build your internet business.

But don’t stop there though, that is just a starter for you. Something to get you up and running. Subscribe to our newsletter and RSS feed, bookmark this site and come back often. We will be adding new gifts from time to time and constantly adding new information and ideas about profitable business opportunities and smart business solutions that will help build your internet home based business into the income you desire.

Best Regards,

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