Your Quest For the Perfect Home Business

Have you been searching for the perfect home business? Does the perfect home business even exist?

At first thought, the perfect home business would pay out millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing while you travel around the world on your private jet and yacht… sounds great, doesn’t it? OK… I’m in! (-:

Now… as appealing as that may be, we all know that the above scenario doesn’t exist (oh well). Also, nothing is absolutely perfect, so… this article will focus on the realistic near perfect home business that can become a reality when fueled with desire, effort and massive action!

Believe me… the near perfect home business does exist. The first step is to decide what you want, then start looking for it.

The following elements are absolutely essential:

  • A Simple to Follow Duplicatible Blueprint With a Proven Track Record This will insure that you build something you know will work with no guessing involved. It should include a short learning curve and a record of paying every week or month like clockwork so you know you will be rewarded for your efforts
  • Successful People to Guide and Assist You Again, no guessing involved, follow those who have been successful and you will be able to duplicate their success.
  • Legal, Moral and Ethical This one speaks for itself – if it isn’t legal, moral and ethical it wont last and will be far from perfect.
  • Unlimited Earning Potential The near perfect home business must provide the ability to earn unlimited income.
  • Residual Income This is the only way to build lasting wealth. You must have the ability to get paid over and over again for the original work you do. Products should be consumable and services should be renewable so they are needed on a monthly basis.
  • No Boss To Answer To If you wanted to answer to a boss you might as well stay at that J-O-B! (Just Over Broke).
  • Choose Your Own Partners In the near perfect home business you get to choose who you work with, and even better… who you don’t want to work with!
  • You Make All The Decisions And You Reap The Rewards Why not… it’s your business and you’re the one in control.
  • Rewards You With More Than Just Money Money is great, but there are other important benefits to get from your business as well. The near perfect home business should include personal satisfaction, a career with a purpose, allow you to develop new skills and build relationships with exciting like-minded people.
  • Stay Ahead Of Major Trends How would your business be doing if you were marketing VCR’s right now?? The 3 major trends that come to mind are the Internet, Home Business and Network Marketing but there are many others as well. The near perfect home business must be positioned way in front of major trends.
  • Products and / or Services With Mass Appeal Products and services need to appeal to people worldwide, not just any one local area. They also should appeal to people of all different ages, cultures, sex and race – not just to any one group.
  • No Set Location Ability to run it from anywhere in the world and relocate as needed.
  • No Set Hours Flexibility to work the hours you choose.
  • No Dress Code Ability to wear whatever you want (or don’t want) while running your home business.
  • No Daily Commute Work from wherever you want with no pressure to be anywhere at any given time, especially on a set daily basis.
  • No Hard Selling 95% of people hate to sell. The near perfect home business should include products or services so in demand that they sell themselves with no hard selling involved.
  • Leaves You With Free Time This is a big one, and one of the main reasons that people get involved in home business in the first place. The near perfect home business should leave you with time for family, recreation, vacations etc. That includes more than a week or two of vacation per year, and the flexibility to take those vacations as you please – not just on major holidays.
  • No Physical Labor As we get older our bodies can handle less physical labor each and every year no mater how good of shape we are in.
  • No Big Cash Outlays You shouldn’t have to put up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started like most franchises require. In addition, there should be very low overhead, no employees, no rent or mortgage, no insurance, no utilities, no products to stock and no vehicle expenses.
  • Ability To Will It To Family Members When the time comes the near perfect home business should be willable and allow your family members to sustain it with minimal learning and effort on their part.
  • Sets You Up For Retirement Allows you to retire in 4 to 6 to 10 years tops, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor however you choose to for years to come!

Once again, the near perfect home business certainly does exist and will include all of the above. Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to begin your search.

© 2008 – Howie Arzt – All Rights Reserved. This article may be distributed and published freely as long as the resource box is in tact, this copyright notice remains and there are no changes made to the text.

Howie Arzt spent 13 years of his career as a Music Teacher and moved on when after 13 years of teaching he realized he was making less money than when he started. He got involved with his Home Based Business and never looked back. Now he spends his time between his boat on the lake and working full time from his home in Northern Vermont. You can check out his near perfect home business at

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