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When any individual looking for a home business opportunity searches online, he or she is met with millions of potential ventures. The problem with the majority of them is that they are programs eager to scam you out of money rather than help you earn money. Work-at-home business scams always target the consumer where they are the most vulnerable: money or time.

The idea of working from home appears to be a dream-like experience for most consumers. You can work when you want, where you want, dressed how you want, and you always have more time. Working from home is no easy task and any individual should reflect on precisely what it means to work from your home.

If the idea still retains the appeal, even after considering the issues involved, then you may be someone who flourishes with the process. If you are fine with the problems and communication necessities required from a home business, it is time to look for a legitimate source of income.

So how can you sift through the millions of empty claims listed online? First and foremost, avoid all coaching e-books, books, audio books, tapes, CDs or DVDs that want to simply educate you on starting a home business. These are always easy to find due to the amount of claims from customers who have made very suspicious amounts of money in little time. They are also pricey and offer little real compensation. The creators of such content have made a business from selling what amounts to nothing.

Your best bet for finding a genuine home business is with the good, old-fashioned route of homework. It is time-consuming and tedious, but this is your future and well worth the investment. Look through the opportunities that interest you and make note of the services or products involved. Get all the information on the company you possibly can.

Once you have picked several companies, start with the Better Business Bureau. You should never agree to any business venture without knowing at least a name, address and phone number. Run this information through the search function at the bureau.

A non-existent record, or even a clean record with the bureau, does not mean they are completely legitimate. It is a good indication that the company has some substance. Search through message boards, forums and blogs using the company name. What kind of complaints do you find? For example, if you locate a blog from someone who is angry at Company X because their pay is two days late, that is not an alarming situation. It could just be a corporate glitch. It becomes a far more serious problem if you find 20 or 30 people with the same complaint. It is imperative to look for complaints that there is no pay or very poor pay.

Now that you have found Company X has only the complaint about the pay, you will want to look into their history. Any home business venture should be with a company that has at least five years of established experience. Is Company X offering an innovative approach, or are they simply trying to copy others? Copycat industries are seldom successful and permanently abide in the shadows of the real thing.

The guarantees promised should be clearly stated. If you are not successful with the company, you should have a reasonable return for your attempt. There should not be any fine print between an employer and an employee.

The product or service offered by the company should also be something of interest. Has this product been in demand for any length of time? The potential opportunity should allow you some freedom with their website and information. This also means they should offer you a free trial of some kind, even if it only allows you to look around the investor section of the website. You will most likely need a monetary investment at some point, but it should never be before you know what you are going to be working with.

Your work-at-home business should provide you with free web pages or websites to get you started. They should also help you attract new leads and provide you with some sort of training on marketing and presenting your product or service.

Lastly, the company that you are interested in should respond to all questions promptly. This will give you a good indication of how they will respond once you are in business with them. Are they polite and courteous? Are they eager to answer your questions or appear too lazy to type complete sentences? A good, professional response system is a good indication of the professionalism of the company as a whole.

Having a work-at-home business can be the greatest possible work environment for you. With patience, research and determination, you will not be one of the millions who have been scammed by get-rich-quick, home businesses.

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