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When it comes down to it, home based businesses can be profitable for anyone with the entrepreneurial mindset and the desire to start their own business, but there are also certain stages of life at which a home business is more convenient or appropriate than other business alternatives. Times when life is too busy to run a regular 9-5, when you’re fairly free of responsibility, or when you just need a little extra income are all great times to start a work at home business. Below are a few different kinds of people at life stages in which a home business could prove very helpful.

Single Parents

Life is hard enough when there are two parents bearing the load of raising children, but when there’s only one of you, things can quickly become downright unmanageable. Just the burden of running back and forth between work, home, and school is heavier than many people will ever realize, and any time that can be conserved and given to the kids, absolutely should be; which is precisely why working from home is such a blessing to the parent who has to attend to everything singlehandedly. Running a Human Resource Rx franchise from home allows the single parent to save time driving to work, be present at the home whenever the kids have vacations or sick days, and accomplish things around the house between serving small business clients who utilize Human Resource Rx’s human resources services. Anything to make life easier helps.

Stay-at-Home Moms (or Dads)

Even if there are two parents in the picture, sometimes life doesn’t go quite as expected, and money can become tight. When that happens, it’s often time for the second spouse to rejoin the working world too, but then what happens to the children? If the business that mom gets into is a work from home business, the kids are still taken care of, because she’ll still be present for them when they leave for school and when they return. In those hours that they’re gone, she can run her L&W Investigations business from the home office and even make visits to any parties involved in her insurance fraud investigations. Best of all, because it’s her business, she only has to take as many clients as she needs to subsidize the family income without stealing time from her family.


Just because you don’t have kids, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to make some extra money; maybe you’re paying off outstanding loans or saving money to get married. Whatever the case, if a second job is what you need, a home based business is a brilliant idea, especially a vending business, because a U-Turn vending franchise makes money even when you’re not there. So while you’re at your day job, a handful of vending machines around town are making money on your behalf, and all you have to do is fill them up each week. It’s a great way to make a little extra cash.

College Students

One of the tricks to working while you’re in school is that every hour spent working to pay the rent is an hour lost on studying or building the social life that advisors say is so important to the whole college experience. So what’s a working student to do? Start a home business that works for you, like a vending franchise. With your own DVDNow franchise, you can start making money on DVDs rented out to people from a vending kiosk, without having to be there yourself, which means that you can be studying and socializing while you earn your tuition money.

Recent College Grads

Current students aren’t the only ones who can profit from work at home business opportunities; college graduates can, too. One of the hardest parts of graduating is falling into that nebulous period in which you have no direction, no experience, and no job prospects. Even if you don’t choose to keep it going for the rest of your life, a home based business in the sales industry could at least hold you over and help you gain experience in sales as you make your money by selling media systems to local entertainment and food establishments. Then when you do decide to join corporate America, you’ll have the experience under your belt to get your foot in the door.


People spend their whole lives looking forward to retirement, but when some get there, all they get is boredom. For those retirees who are stuck in the doldrums or aren’t quite making ends meet on their life’s investments, a small work at home business could be the perfect help. Take ElizaJ for example. Not only does renting out high-end portable restrooms for weddings and other outdoor events produce some sustainable income, but it affords you the opportunity to meet new people and help make your clients’ events as good as they possibly can be.

Though working at home may be most useful at these times in life, a home based business is really a useful tool for anyone at any life stage, and if your interest in starting your own business comes at a time other than one of these mentioned, that’s perfectly alright too. There’s never a bad time to branch out on your own, so take advantage of the many opportunities before you.

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