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Though both parents today are involved in bringing up their children, in most cases women feel excess guilt pangs when they are unable to spend sufficient time with their family, particularly their children. Most careers are very demanding both of your time and involvement leaving very little energy to give to your family. When children are young this could become a very serious concern. Often one of the parents consider giving up their jobs to look after the children, however the economic condition might not permit this move.

What Could Be The Solution?

The solution is home business or work from home. When you set up a home business or undertake work from home you are able to adjust your time around the demands of your family, without having to compromise on your income. In many instances home business proves to be even more productive than the 9 to 5 job you chose to leave. This choice provides you better quality of life as you are able to put your kids first by fulfilling your parenting duties as well as earning a regular income.

The same applies to work from home. The difference between a home business and a work from home job is the investment required. The home business – since it is a business – would require you to put up some capital unlike a work from home job, which is actually a freelance job.

How Do You Find Reliable Sources For Home Business?

If you run a search on the Net, you will find thousands of “genuine” offers for home businesses. How do you know which one you should choose? There is no foolproof way to recognize a true offer from a scam. However, there are a few criteria that could be quite good indicators:

1. Rags-to-riches business stories should be avoided like the plague. There are no free lunches in this world, so do not believe these get rich overnight offers. Most of these so called businesses are scams which take money away from you, not the other way round.

2. Too-good-to-be-true offers are another no no. If the offer looks too good to be true, it usually is. Once again avoid anything that does not look reasonable or plausible to you. Business is something that is nurtured into an entity, not something that can spring up overnight, even on the Internet.

3. Check the business or website with BBB (Better Business Bureau) which will tell you if the business you are considering is registering with them or not. If not, it might not be reliable.

4. A Scam search is easy to use to figure out if you are dealing with a legitimate company. Run a search typing scam or fraud along with the website you are considering. If there is any disparaging information, you will find it in this way.

How Do You Find Reliable Work From Home?

This is relatively easier to get, though it would take you a while until you find your niche and get the price you deserve. There are excellent platforms for freelancers with elance.com, freelancer.com, scriptlance.com, and the like. These sites ensure that both freelancers (you) and the client get value for their money. You would do well to sign up with such websites for work from home opportunities because they are initially slow. This would give you the opportunity to learn and not be overwhelmed as you tried to work and earn at home.





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