We Do Eat Our Young: The Story of a Successful Home Business

Whether it is in the world animals, recovering drug addicts, or business if the truth were told we do eat our young. As when I was young I would watch Wild Kingdom every Sunday night, sure enough there it was a big strong fast Cat would be chasing down and eating some young antelope.

As a social worker I work with clients with addiction problems and have noticed they display a similar trait as the cats. Once a person gets in recovery for just a short while they tend to be the least tolerant of the new people struggling to get into recovery. In the market of Home Business I have noticed a similar occurrence with the people that have struggled and found they way to having a profitable Home Business.

When I was hunting for a legitimate home business to start up, (which is no small task) I found what appeared to be a real business. The definition of a real business is a business that does not make any claim to be fool proof takes real effort, takes at least six months to start making any profit, and one that requires an investment of my own money.

Now when you read that definition you may feel confused, however if you stop and think about what has made anything you have ever done successful and real it would include all of the above criteria. Now back to eating our young, just how does this pertain to people in the home business? When I was starting out I knew very little about the home business and nothing at all about how to be a successful marketer in the Internet business on a meager budget.

I thought if I want to know how to do these things then I need to ask the people that are already doing it and having some success. Seemed reasonable, however what I found was that most if not all of the people running a successful internet business from home where not only not open but more than glad to sell me all kinds of programs that were to be the root of all my success.

Sadly what I found was that these people were making money off of me and not wanting to help me what so ever. I felt very frustrated with not being able to find anyone that was willing to share with me or help me repeat what they had been able to do in their home business. Yes they were eating their young.

I finally happened across a group of people that thought like I did. This group believed to be successful them selves they had to pass along all they had been taught by others. This was it, I began to get real marketing ideas that cost very little and took a lot of work. I do not mind the work and the great thing is that with the help of successful work at home business owners I soon become successful in my home business.

Of course the only way I can continue my success is to pass on what I have been taught and as long as I do that I will be successful. My success is your success and when you learn the method you pass it on to others. It all seems so simple and the idea is simple the work is hard and it is not free so if you are looking for this type of success, a real home business drop in and let me tell you how I did it.

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