Using Web Audio for Success

It’s undeniable that if you add audio to websites it will increase your results. If you don’t have audio in your arsenal, you’re missing out. Audio increases opt-ins. And your sales.

Why does it work?

It’s simple. Most of the web is cold and impersonal. Audio adds a human quality to your site. And makes people feel they’re dealing with a real person. Audio literally breathes life into your website. Which fascinates greater interaction from your visitors.

Some more benefits

Adding audio increases your profits in two ways. First, you’ll make more sales. And second you’ll save money on the sales letter. You won’t have to hire someone to write your sales letter. Just record some audio and add it to your site. Your visitors will respond better to a heart-felt message from you than some fancy copywriting.

You’ll get more subscribers, too. Most people need to be led by the hand. Just add a short audio message saying: Enter your email address in the form. A simple message like this will increase your opt-in conversions by 305% or more!

Some web audio ideas

Put a welcome message that plays automatically on your site, Most websites are cold and in-human. Your welcome message could make them stay when they would normally leave.

A guided tour. Just like in the opt-in example. Use an audio message to lead your visitors through a process. And take them all the way through buying your product.

Testimonials for your product or service. It’s good to get written testimonials. But what’s even better are audio testimonials. You can just make up written one and people know that. So audio adds real believability. Which boosts your sales for sure.

Sneaky tick

Something you may not have thought of is using audio for the product itself. This is by far the easiest content to produce. Plus people love audio products. Think about how popular podcast are. And you can get someone to transcribe them for very little money. Then you’ve got an eBook, too – but it was easy to create!

Is it hard to add audio?

It’s not hard at all. You can find a lot of programs that create audio buttons for you. The software does all the work. The software records the audio, creates the button code, etc. Just paste the code you copy from the software. There’s nothing to worry about.

Summing it up

Here’s a recap of the benefits. Using website audio will increase your conversion rates. You’ll get more sales. You will also increase your subscriber opt-ins. And you can use it to create products and sales letters quickly. You’ll be one of the few you use these strategies. So you’ll be one of the few reaping the rewards. Start using it today and you’ll be glad you did.

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