These 3 Can Destroy Your Home Business

If you’re just starting out in the field of home business it’s very easy to get sidetracked. Over 90% of the newbies can’t get over these 3 fatal problems and as a result they never start their home business or if they do, it isn’t really a profitable one. They never see what’s behind the closed door! But you don’t have to make the same errors that they do! How about if you were in the top 10% that really get things done and profits coming their way?

Well if you are really serious about having a successful home business, then you’ll have to avoid these 3:

1. Information overload. How do I avoid this when starting my business?

I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all the information out there . It’s hard to focus
on your home business when your inbox is flooded with e-mail. Many people give up after a short time because of the “information overload” problem. The problem is not that the e-mails or newsletters that you get aren’t interesting ( because many are very useful ) but you tend to continually read them and never actually do something.

So, what can you do about this? For starters, stop subscribing to newsletters or free reports! I recommend that you have no more then 10 of the above ( on the topic “internet
home business” of course). Keep only the ones you like and unsubscribe to the others
Or even better, if you don’t want to unsubscribe from them then you can make a special folder for each e-course. Get organized and start your home business! This way the e-mails keep coming but you don’t see them anymore ( and you don’t lose information that you might use in the future) and you can concentrate on really building an home business and not just reading!

But now, you might say “How do I decide which mails to keep and which to throw away ?”. It’s simple. Think about what kind of home business do you want to build. Is it an Affiliate Marketing or do you want to sell your own products ? You have to know where you want to end up so that you can start. The information you need is about what you are planning of doing right now. That’s it. Nothing else. You don’t need information that you’re going to use a year from now! You need it now and it’s got to solve you’re NOW problems!

2. Money problems. Do I need lost of money to start my home business?

Everyone has money problems! No one has enough money! And it will always be this way. The fact that you don’t have enough money shouldn’t stop you from starting a home business! “But how can I start my home business if I have no money?”. The truth is that there are a lot of free methods of advertising and obtaining profits. It’s no secret. But if you use the free stuff it will take longer to get there than if you used paid methods. It’s time in exchange for money. You can go either way and even combine the two (which is the best way to go). It depends on you and your budget.

At the beginning though, you will have to spend some money. And if you still think that you have money problems let me tell you this:

If I told you that I would give you 100 000 $ if you gave me 3 000 $ in a week, do you think you would get the money ?

Well, you could borrow from your friends and family and I bet that you would raise the 3 000. So do you really have a money problem or is this just an excuse? If you want to get results and profits then you have to stop using excuses.

Remember that if you have access to money (family and friends), you haven’t got money problems! It’s a confidence problem. Confidence in yourself. So, at first, try to build a home business that is easy to test for less money. Just do something!
Test it for a month or two and see what happens. The important thing is TO DO IT!

3. Lack of time. How much time do I need for my home business to work?

This is important. Very important! It just like the “money problems” issue. “You say that you have no time to build your home business?” This is how you can get more time :

– take an hour from your TV watching time

– get up an hour earlier in the morning

– go to sleep an hour later in the evening – and the list goes on and on.

The idea is that time doesn’t magically appear from nowhere. We all have the same amount of time even if we are rich or not. You can make time for your home business, but only if you want it! If your financial independence comes first then it will be no problem at all. If not, then you will fail. It has to be first on your list because having money affects every other aspect of your life!

Any business, home business or not, needs time, especially in its early stages! You can’t just push a button and money will come pouring in! It just doesn’t work that way! You have to make sacrifices in order to get on track. You have to sacrifice your TV time or going out time. You have to ask yourself ” What thing is more productive : watching TV or building my home business? What will bring me more money?”. It’s up to you to decide that! I only hope you make the right decision…Your future depends on it!

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