The Best Way To Outsource Tasks Today

It is always smart to include three unique virtual interview questions whenever you are looking to hire a virtual assistant. What can be some relevant questions? An example of it is this: What can you do with this particular project to really make it better?

The job maybe making a series of videos which can be posted to YouTube which is the audio from a podcast series matched with some Powerpoint slides. They might say, you can upload them to or Traffic Geyser and that person might have the skills to do that. It shows that they’re thinking or, I think we should do it this way, or I can do something completely different to Powerpoint, I think we should go and do it using x,y and z, something like that. So you want to give those specific interview questions.

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You also have to take care of receiving spammed, massive bids. Ask a specific question to prevent this from happening.

Then ask if they have done any work like the one you have advertised in Odesk or Elance. If so, please provide a few examples. You can ask them to present the ones that they are most proud of.

An SEO services related job such as this requires two different skill sets. One, and it’s hard to find someone with everything, but the first skill set is communication skill which is create good slides from the audio. So you’ve got to listen to the audio and say, ok, they’re the fifteen slides. The second skill is more technical. It’s about screen capturing and uploading to YouTube and TubeMogul and whatever it is.

You could have a single person who had the set of skills of a graphic designer. I wouldn’t find the same person to upload these videos to TubeMogul. You’re planning to have trouble finding these skills in a person. I find it hard that a lot of people understand this wrong as they attempt to acquire one person to accomplish everything. That is impossible. You can’t do everything, why are you planning to hire a company within the Philippines for $4 one hour to do it? You’ve have got to think about that. You would like one individual to do graphics, out task here and there for your video person who can perform the uploading task for you.

You may have a dedicated virtual assistant full-time in the outsourcing team that would do the uploading task regularly. So this person takes this, passes over here, this becomes your outsourcing process, the method that you turn out tasking into outsourcing by having a process that you follow regularly.

Once they do this, save that file inside a certain directory and it’s someone else’s job, every time there’s a new file because directory to get this done, so they just monitor this online directory. That’s the way the whole process gets built in your company. You turn this out task into a continuous process by allowing them to answer these virtual interview questions in order to choose the most effective candidate.

There are three stuff you wish to look at in order to select the best applicant for that small business internet marketing job: First, the self selection method, that is why they need to answer these questions and get self selected into the bid. Then read their feedback, look at their online sample portfolio to pick the best candidates for the job.

It’s difficult to know if this person is ideal, in this case. If they didn’t answer my questions, how are they going to work with you as soon as you hire them to do the job? You have to take care of these concerns during online selection process.

If you want to take that halfway approach, send them virtual interview questions, and say, hey, I asked you three questions. You missed them, can you answer them? See if they take the time to answer them that way but you’ve got to stick to the SS method first, then after that, and only after that, go on the portfolio basis.

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