The Best Home Business Opportunity – How to Find “The Right Fit”

Building the best home based business is not as hard as you might think, but you have to find “the right fit.” Not every home business opportunity is right for everyone. Just what is the right fit?

Well, that all depends on the skill set, strengths, and weaknesses of the entrepreneur. For instance, an automated home business might not be “the right fit” for the extrovert who has no computer skills, but is adept at working phones and has excellent closing skills.

Meanwhile, an introvert with great internet computer skills, but lacks confidence and shuns personal contact would feel right at home with his automated systems. Of course there are other things to look for when choosing the right home business. But, what should you be looking for?

1) Low Price Point and High Commission Base:

When choosing a home business opportunity, look for one that has a “low introductory price point” and yields a “high commission base.” If you can find a business model that has a reasonable startup cost, say between $200-500 and a lower monthly admin fee of $20.00 – $50.00 you are headed in the right direction.

2) Live Prospecting Calls, and Webinars:

A “right fit” opportunity should have direct telephone support, and provide on-going weekly training through “live” prospecting phone calls and “webinars.” This is important so that you can learn how to “do” the business, and bring your prospects and business associates right into the sales process from the comfort of their own homes.

3) A Member Support Forum:

A “right fit” opportunity that provides a support forum is serious about the success of their independent business builders. A members support forum will enable home business owners to assist, encourage, and support each other as they each build their respective businesses.

One of the nice things about a “right fit” home business model is: “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”

4) Low Monthly Admin Fees and “Auto-ships”:

Be careful when choosing any home business model that requires high monthly product purchase qualifications through an “auto-ship” program in excess of $100.00. This is especially true in many mlm (multi-level marketing) opportunities. Why? The problem is:

While many companies are built on the backs of its distributors, many home businesses owners literally “go broke” each month before they can see any positive cash flow. This is largely due to the high monthly “auto-ship” requirements and extra admin maintenance fees for a replicated website and back-office. A rule of thumb to consider is:

If your product‘s base commission per sale does not equal the amount of your combined monthly admin and “auto-ship” requirement, you are headed for disaster.

5) High Priced Back-Office Suites:

When looking for that “right fit” home business opportunity, make sure there are no “add-ons” for high-priced back-office suites. For instance, if you can find a business that will build you a “free website” with a lead capture page, back office, provide thousands of targeted surveyed leads, a bulk email sender (at no extra charge), you probably will be more happier than not and this may indeed be “the right fit.”

Fortunately, due to competition in the marketplace and to entice, and encourage distributor loyalty and retention, companies are getting smarter now and are throwing in lots of tools and “freebies” to give value to the monthly fees they charge for administrative services found in the “back-office.”

6) Get Paid Instantly Daily:

Finally, there are a few home based business opportunities out there that actually utilize a compensation pay plan that pays “instant” commissions daily. In stead of these companies paying their distributors monthly or weekly, distributors are paid “daily” through efficient services such as PayPal® or AlertPay®.

Since buyers pay directly through PayPal® accounts set up by resellers or independent distributors, companies can charge less for their products and services and pass the savings on to distributors in the form of higher commissions and reduced administrative costs, because there is little to no administrative or payroll costs associated with the sale of these products.

This is the business model that is revolutionizing the way home businesses will be built in the future. It’s the right fit and it feels great!

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For over a decade Charles Smoot was involved in the Hawaii timeshare industry. As the Director of Marketing for one of America’s well known vacation ownership companies, Charles recruited, trained, and mentored some of Hawaii’s top marketing professionals. Charles brings his years of experience and leadership into the challenging field of Internet Marketing as an affiliate of PhoneGoldMiner Pro. PhoneGoldMinor Pro is the world’s First Free Member Marketing Leads Push Button System. You can find more information about Charles Smoot and PhoneGoldMiner Pro at

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