Succeeding in Home Business for Stay at Home Moms

I, like many others, I’m sure, have bought into these home business kits that promise you riches over night if you just buy their home business. We, as stay at home moms, are always looking for a way to add to the household income and in looking for that one legitimate home business we end up being scammed time and time again. I know, I’ve been there, and I’ve got a file cabinet full of those promises now. You name it, I’ve tried it. Real Estate Foreclosures, property notes, home surveys, paid to read email or paid to click sites, and the same thing always happens. I wouldn’t make money and I would be out the money I paid for these so called money “making” programs. Money “taking” programs would be a more accurate description. Well, I have finally…after trying so many others, found an actual home business that is perfect for us stay at home moms.

Although this is not a get rich quick scheme, it is very possible to earn quite a substantial income from this home business. This is not a buy it now and sit back and do nothing home business. You will have to work. Most of the work comes from the set up of your home business and it is possible to have everything automated and most of what you set up for your home business is to make it automated. Once that is done, you can spend fewer hours maintaining your home business.

What I love about this home business opportunity is that no one takes your money and you’re on your own. You have full training and are given step by step instructions on exactly what to do to make money. If you have questions, support staff answers almost immediately. When I started, I was blown away at how quickly I was responded to. As a stay at home mom, and I know other moms can relate to this, I don’t have a lot of time. I’m busy all day with the children and the only time I had to dedicate to my home business was at night after the kids went to sleep. So, it’s after eleven at night and I’m stuck on how to get this change I want to make on my website happen and I sent an email to support. Fifteen minutes later I get a response from a REAL person, not an auto responder. And this was a weekend, mind you. That alone made me so happy. Great service is so hard to find. So with this home business you know you have your full training with step by step instructions and this really great ongoing support.

What else could you ask for right? How about that your website is built for you? That’s right, somebody else does it, to YOUR specifications. What’s more, it’s done in about 24 hours. Crazy, I know. I was like, whatever, this is just going to be another repeat of all my past so called home business opportunities. I was shocked. It was built for me, with everything I wanted there, in the colors I wanted, and I had my own home business just like that. This is YOUR business, you can call it whatever YOU want. I think that the problem with a lot of home businesses that fail is that the people that buy into them are given the false impression that this is easy peasy and nothing else need be done.

The key to successfully marketing online is to promote and advertise your website. Otherwise, how will anyone know where you are or who you are if you don’t tell them where and who you are. I read this quote somewhere and it just made it me laugh. That quote was: “Early to bed, early to rise… Work like hell, and advertise,” said by Ted Turner, and I’m sure everyone knows who that is. He’s right, you have to advertise. There are many ways to advertise your home business. You are shown every way possible way to advertise your business in your training. Of course, there are methods that cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars. But the most important thing when you don’t have any money to advertise your new business is that there are so many ways to advertise with NO money at all. What more could you ask for right?

How about being able to make multiple streams of income, residual income at that, from your one website? I know, it’s crazy, isn’t it? I was very skeptical and I didn’t believe it. But then I discovered this home business was working. Not only did I make money, I was going to keep making money. I kept looking at my stats page, which tracks how many people visit your site and from where, and I was absolutely floored with the traffic I was getting. You just can’t imagine how good it feels to see that and be able to say…Ha! I can be a successful home business owner just like those other people! I really said that, too. If ever a business was made in such a way as to ensure success in home business, this is it. I encourage anyone looking for a way to get out of the 9 to 5 grind or stay at home moms who just want to supplement the household income or replace an income to stay at home to seek out this home business.

Davina Waller is a successful internet marketer and owner of To learn more about this home business and becoming successful yourself, please visit: or email Davina at [email protected]

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