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Start & Run a Real Home-Based Business (Start and Run a. ..)

    Throughout North America, people who want more control over their lives begin home-based businesses. Despite the obvious advantages of independence and convenience, there are many risks to be aware of.Start & Run a real home business, step by step guidance, select the type of business to run, marketing and business growth. The book comes with a CD-ROM loaded with worksheets, forms and documents to help the contractor get advice started.Furman ‘s can be applied to many types of home businesses, including services computer, plumbing services, child care, hairdressing, electricians, and many others. Furman provides guidance “real world” of the trenches, with advice and guidance to help the contractor succeed.The book provides additional guidance on how to handle common problems that arise when working from your home, how to get your family board.This book is for anyone who has considered a part-time or full time home business.

    Start & Run a Real Home-Based Business (Start and Run a…)

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