Start A Home Business In 10 Minutes With $0 Dollars

The best way, in my opinion, to start a home business is to risk nothing in time or money. The next best way is to risk very little. If you can not start and work a home business that cost you very little to start then that business is not for you

Here is what I mean by that. If I took a bum off the street and gave him a million dollars to start a home business with, I would bet you only 1 or 2 out of a thousand would have a viable business up and running next year. The other 998 would be broke again.

There would be many reasons for this.

1. They would just blow the money. This would be most of them. Not all people are cut out to be in a home business for themselves.

2. They would start a home business that they knew nothing about and would fail for lack of knowledge of that home business.

3. They would start a home business that did not have the demand or customer base to support it for very long.

4. They would start a home business that was not suited for their personality. IE: a non-sales person that opens an Ad agency. They would struggle to adapt and the money would run out at about the same time their frustrations kicked into full gear.

5. The other thousands of reasons it would not work out for them.

Only a few would hit on the home business that is suited for them and a few would just be plain lucky and make a killing. Or at least have a viable home business in a year from now.

For all these reasons does it not make sense to keep your investment to as little as possible until you find just the home business that suits you? I hear you now, yea right, where do I find this type of home business idea that is fit for me. I’m here to tell you they are all over the place. Here are some examples.

For the physical type start a service business like a No contract lawn mowing business. One mower and a decent marketing plan and you will have all the work you want. Or how about a driveway pressure washing business where you can rent the equipment only when you have the work. No outlay of money until you have a guaranteed contract to do the work. Now if either of these free home business ideas do not work out for you, you have lost very little to find out, this business is not for you.

For the person that wants to keep their hands clean and work in a suit and tie then how about a business card referral business. You do not spend a dime until you have an order for the product. Or a mixture of both a little physical work and a little sales work like an auto plastic cleaning business. This is a business that no one is doing and can bring in a full time income.

How about a paper and ink service business? This is the type of home business idea that you print flyers or newsletter with business ads on it. You can start a home business like this for under $10.

There are thousands of businesses that can be started for under $50 that can really take off and make you a full time living. Why invest more then that until you know for sure that the home business idea you start is right for you?

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