Small Business Marketing Plan For Business Websites

The most important step you got to take when structuring your website is to have a definite small business marketing plan. After giving a client has availed of the SEO quote given him, we check right away if he already has an existing website. We need to know if we are to build the website from scratch or not. If there is an existing website, we just match the keywords present in its pages.

Let us have the website of the dentist as an example. We can see here the page about root canals and the treatment. Since this page is already about root canal, we will have to use it as our keyword. This will be an easy match instead of creating a page from scratch.

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    If we’re creating our own site and we’re mapping out the structure from scratch, I’ll draw a diagram and I’ll do that right from the get go and I’ll detail out my small business marketing plan attack. Refer to these two websites as an example: Planet 13 and Melbourne SEO services. For Planet 13, for title tags usually I like between three and five keywords, but I’ve gone a little bit longer here. Band merch is the keyword I used here. I went for the slightly longer tail version as well which is official band merch, so I can pick up both of those.

    Band merch is the one that we are going to use as the primary keyword. Then, you will see here the sub categories. Although the pictures are linked, there is anchor text beneath it too. This is a good way to inform Google what all these pages are all about. We’re sending a link to that page with the appropriate anchor text. They act like my sub categories. We also did some linking down the bottom for some of these tier keywords. As we aim for the targeted web traffic, we just have to doing these steps repeatedly.

    Let us go for the example Blink 182 as we try to drill down a little deeper. Since we have here an e-commerce website and I didn’t want to hand do the title tags for every product because we’ve got over two thousand products online. It is built in a way that it will auto generate the title tag based on the information that it pulls. These can be taken form the product description, the categories and other similar things. To make things more definite here, I added the modifying word cheap as this is automatically built.

    Sometimes people search for cheap and it’s a good way to come up for some extra longer tail keywords. The primary keyword we’re going for here is Blink 182 patch. I’ve also gone for hottest Blink 182 merch, but the main one we’re going after here is Blink 182 patch.

    I use a pipe because it looks nice. Some people use a colon. I do it just to break the two sections if I’m trying to make two points. I could have got away with saying cheap Blink 182 patches, but I also wanted to sneak another keyword in there, Blink 182 merch. Remember that all steps done here are still part of your small business internet marketing plan. Observing them consistently will get you closer to your goal.

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