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One way to tell you are a leader is by reading this article about Lawrence Tam. And if you have heard about Project Mayhem you get even more credit. Certainly you want to join a quality leaders who can show you how to build a home-based business.

Lawrence Tam Shows Hard Workers How To Live With Independence

The first time I heard of Lawrence Tam was from Dave Wood, a highly respected marketer. Once that happened, I knew Lawrence was someone I wanted in my circle of friends.

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    Tam’s history which is similar to my own.

    We both listened to our parents by going to college and heading down the normal path.

    Lawrence Tam is the #1 Earner in the Empower Network

    Do you see yourself building a wealthly lifestyle while also punching a clock every day? I know it’s tough. Yes. Not many people are out there making six figures online, plus another six in a day job. One of the people I know doing exactly that is Lawrence Tam

    The middle class now has a blueprint to get out of slavery, thanks to Lawrence Tam. One thing he quickly realized is that holding down a job, having a family, and then building a business all by himself just wasn’t going to work. So, he dedicated himself to learning how to outsource several functions of developing a home business.

    But don’t think just because you have no money for outsourcing, that you can’t make it work. It just means you’ll have to work your way up by reinvesting the cashflow you build from low cost strategies and your own labor, and scale your business up.

    SEO is what got Lawrence Tam Started and he did most of the work too. But then he started using his income to outsource.

    Lawrence Tam Now Offers Project Mayhem

    So what is Project Mayhem? This is a private training website set up by Lawrence Tam to give all our team members access to the fundamental training necessary to build not just their Empower Network Blogs, but any online business. Members get access to a heavy dose of training, just for joining with another Project Mayhem team member.

    The result of this free training is a very economical program for part-time people to start building a future that has much more freedom and power, instead of making someone else rich.

    In fact I’m part of the Lawrence Tam team, and created this video to tell him why I want to work with him.


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