Home Businesses Reviewed and Concluded

Why should you set up a home based business?

There are many reasons why you should, if you want to earn good amounts of money but are scared of investing in expensive business premises you may favour this option, you may not enjoy the long strenuous commute to work every day working for an ungrateful boss who belittles you and does not appreciate your potential. You could have a lot more time to live your life and not have to work unsociable hours; also you could plan your work around your life not the other way round. You can be your own boss and never get told what to do, or take breaks if and when you feel like and spend a lot more time with your family. If you can multitask maybe you could look after your children whilst working or watch those daytime TV shows you love whilst working. A home business may not need to be time consuming as most things can be automated. You could set your own wage, the more you succeed and put effort in the more money you’ll earn which is not the case for most jobs.

What is a home business?

A home business can take many forms, some of which are primarily internet based and some of which are telephone based. An internet based business may involve a website and all advertising done online directing potential customers or clients to the website, or offline advertising may be used in conjunction with online advertising. Telephone based businesses may involve making sales through the telephone and using offline advertising or online advertising. Both can be used in conjunction with each other for better results. A home business can involve doing anything; however they mostly involve selling products or services. Although today the business can be run and promoted anywhere with laptops and internet cafes in existence it is still seen as a home business. Most of the businesses involve little commuting on a daily basis and the main commuting may be for essential materials or visiting clients for the services that your business is promoting.

Who is the target audience for a home business

In many cases home businesses are more suited to some people than others. Stay at home moms often cannot leave there children or can’t afford a babysitter, yet they still need to bring money into the household whereas if they work from home they can earn money and still look after their children. People with disabilities struggling to get jobs because of their disabilities’ may have no other option but to work from home. Full time carers may have to look after a friend or loved one all day and can’t go to work for fear they might need their help. They could work from home whilst caring for their friend or loved one. People who work but are scared of losing their job due to many job cuts and the current financial crisis, they may want to try to secure their future. Home businesses suit a lot of people mainly those stated above and more besides.

People home businesses may not suit may include

A lot of people may be followers rather than a leaders, what I mean by this is some people would rather follow someone else’s orders and not have to worry about making their own decisions simply because that’s easier and if something goes wrong it’s not their fault. Also some people are happy at being “stuck in a dead end job” and are satisfied keeping the status quo. Those are a few of the types of people this business wouldn’t suit as you need to have your own initiative and be able to come up with ideas and work off your own back rather than looking up to someone for all the answers.

The disadvantages

This may be a demanding role for you as a person and could prove stressful, nevertheless probably not as stressful as a dead end job or your boss not appreciating you. Also you have to be motivated and realise that your business‘s income may not be guaranteed. It can be time consuming in the early days and also may take a while to actually earn money.

Home business conclusion

In my opinion starting a home business is a very low cost efficient way to set up a business, it could also be used as a stepping stone up to bigger business ideas, it allows you to work from home or anywhere you choose whether it be the beach or a cafe in your own timescale. You will have a lot more social time because you can work around your life and you are your own boss. It allows people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to earn money to make an excellent living. There are a few minor downsides to owning a home business but all in all I think it’s a very good idea and is a great alternative to either working for someone else or owning a business premises.

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