Home Business Evolution

The passions that propel individuals to start a home-based business are inherent in their socialization and part of a rich cultural heritage. Home based businesses including family workshops, flourished prior to the Industrial Revolution. Home based businesses were common enterprises that provided extra income for families. These cottage industries or “Domestic Systems” were businesses conducted in the home and are the historical equivalent of what we now consider a home-based business revolution. The industrial revolution removed the economic center for a family from a home-based to the factories. This transition resulted in displaced workers who lost their security to a faceless employer.

The shift from a home business to working in factories was further impacted by the industrial age that created labor-intensive jobs for the masses. The displaced home based business owners were introduced to new work requirements that included hostile management and working conditions that were less than favorable. In order for this belief system to become part of a whole of the societal structure, it was necessary to enlist the aid of the school system. Schools taught the 3-R’s but in addition, instilled the principals of hard work as being part of the success principal. Being without work was considered disgraceful. This principal was used to explain the basis for the differences in class structure in society. In spite of the widespread indoctrination, factory workers found that the factory system could not deliver on its promise of rewarding hard work. The factory workers grew restless when their high productivity levels did not result in higher pay. As manual labor was replaced by machines, the factory system threatened the viability of the work more earn more philosophy. The control that an individual could exert over his personal production was removed. Discontent with the inability to control their own work environment made workers increasingly restless.

Then companies enlisted the help of scientific management systems to quell the growing discontent of workers who were unhappy and unfulfilled by their jobs. Unions and governmental agencies sought ways humanize the organizational structures to provide individuals with a level job satisfaction so that the workflow would lead to higher productivity. The focus of the Industrial Age was to improve the productivity of large corporations by mass-producing products. But as technology continued to advance, The Internet provided the missing link for the displaced home workers to return to their roots. Once again the economic center for families was provided from home. With the shift from an industrial economy to a service driven economy more people turned to a home based business to survive and flourish. Innovations in tools and delivery systems available via the Internet makes running a home based business a viable alternative to working for someone else. The home business market helps the new business owner make this transaction. The home-based business is not as much a revolution as it is an evolutionary process that has come full circle. Workers are now owners of their own home based business. They are at home creating an their workplace environments for their individual

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