Home Business Coaching – It’s Time to Raise Up Leaders, Stop Hand Holding and Start Empowering!

I’ve written a couple articles on this subject because as I have grown into becoming a home based business coach myself, I find that my new business partners struggle with this as well.

By reading this article you will be able to move confidently forward in your home based business without feeling totally responsible for the success of others.

This article is part of a series I’m doing to help new home based business owners move from rookie to leader and be confident in that transformation as well as excited about it. By knowing what to expect and the roles a home based business coach plays, new business owners can better understand and make this transformation smoothly.

Let’s identify a couple common problems here.

Problem #1: New home based business owners are scared to death to enroll someone into their businesses because they feel like they will have to then become responsible for them in terms of teaching them everything about marketing and what it takes to be successful. They are not skilled in either yet so they self sabotage.

Problem #2: New home based business owners feel very much that they are totally responsible for their new business partners’ success. They carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They stress and worry constantly about it. It’s easier for them to self sabotage and quit than to feel like they’ve caused someone else to fail.

Whew! Wrong mindset stuff going on here!

The results of not facing these problems, but rather letting them fester or hoping they will go away magically, is that the business owner will never grow themselves personally and consequently, neither will their business. By understanding these problems are really not problems at all, they will find a huge weight lifted from their shoulders and will be able to confidently move forward.

As a home based business coach, I tell my students and new business partners it’s natural to expect that when someone joins their business, they will be there to help them. They want to answer questions, point them in directions, brainstorm with them, introduce them to tools and resources they can use in their business, and to have a portion of time set aside as an appointment each week (or whatever time frame works) to touch base and see how things are going.

It’s completely unreasonable to expect that as a home business coach and mentor, that you will do the required work your partners must do in their business. You can’t do it for them. You are not responsible for them. You are not their boss.

Is it the job of the football coach to make the pass play to win the game? No. It is the job of the player to win the game but the coach told the player what he could do to improve his game and he surely didn’t buy into excuses. There was accountability for the action of the player and an expectation that the player would show up to practice and all the games, rain or shine, sick and not.

Treat your business seriously and be the coach. Teach, care, mentor, don’t buy into excuses. Empower, encourage.

Early on in my home business, I was taking the world upon my shoulders feeling like I was suppose to make my new business partners successful, somehow, someway.

I felt I was suppose to know everything there was about marketing as well as all the answers to every question that could possibly come my way. I would toss and turn all night in worry that I was not up to par as a so called ‘leader’.

I share this with you because I want to help others through my own mistakes,

Fortunately, I had a great home business coach who I could talk to about my concerns. In two minutes or less, he removed all the weight of the world off my shoulders by simply explaining the reality of what my role was as a home business mentor. I had simply been ignorant. I wasn’t really sure what my role was.

As a new home based business coach, you can only be responsible for your own success.

Furthermore, the best way you can serve your team is to lead by example in everything you do. They are looking for a role model.

This would entail you working your business and allowing your team to see you making and uploading those videos, posting articles, conducting webinars, and so on and so forth. Let them see you attend seminars, talk about books and studies you’ve done and demonstrate implementation of what you’ve learned. Let them see you fail and how you handle it. Let them see how you handle your wins, frustrations and obstacles.

Having a successful business online and being a home based business coach is all on the job training. Over time you will excel in what you do.

In summary, here are 5 important facts to remember as you develop into a great home based business coach.

1) Do not do the work of building your partners’ business. Encourage and empower them to do it for themselves. Don’t hand hold. Find a balance between helping and doing. Be a coach.

2) Expect that your business partners will do the work and have the resolve and desire only they can bring to the table to try and try again when they fail at a skillset.

3) Don’t ever assume that they won’t work as hard as you do.

4) It is not your responsibility to make your business partners successful.

5) Lead by example. Be the leader and home business mentor you want them to be. Let them see what that looks like so they can follow in your footsteps. Be the best you, you can be.

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