Free Traffic Generator Present Five Reasons To Have A Facebook Page

No matter what type of business you own, a Facebook Fan Page can help you find more customers, make more sales to the ones you already have and make more profit. Let’s look at 5 reasons you should have a Facebook Page for your business.

Reaching Your Target Audience Through Traffic Generation

There are over 600 million registered users on Facebook and about 50% of them visit the site every day. That’s about 300 million users that are on the site daily, a much larger reach than any other type of advertising can ever reach.

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    Stats Tracking

    Facebook Insights gives you a lot of demographic data about the people visiting your page, including age, gender, locale and various other things. This will give you the ability to target your message much more effectively, both on Facebook and elsewhere.

    Knowing all this data about the people who like your Page on Facebook means you have a lot of information about your market in general.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Facebook gives you access to a huge potential audience, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore Google and other search engines. They will still send you lots of traffic and visitors who could become customers.

    Your Facebook Page can be indexed by the search engines, fortunately. Which means you can get more free traffic from the search engines.

    Customer Engagement And Search Engine Optimation

    Your Facebook Page lets your customers and prospects interact with your directly. They can ask questions, leave comments on things you post or – if you allow it – post their own items to your Page.

    This helps your customers feel more “connected” with you, and this will help strengthen the relationship. They will grow to trust you and therefore be more likely to act on your recommendations (many of which will result in revenue for you!)

    Move People Into Other Marketing Mediums

    Your Facebook Page can host a scaled-down version of your main website, which can let people join your email list or even buy something. This will let you generate leads with Facebook and then move them into other channels, such as an email list, where you have a little more flexibility.

    Facebook was originally designed for keeping in touch with your friends and family, but it has expanded with a lot of useful business tools. Don’t miss out on all the opportunitities it offers.

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