Common Mistakes To Avoid With A Blog

Avoid these five common mistakes with a blog.

1. Not allowing comments.
Without allowing comments, you can’t build rapport with your readers.

2. No profile or information about yourself.
Blogs can be used for branding. Let your readers know who you are in your profile, for example, what you do, how long you have been doing it etc.

3. No contact information.
This is the worst mistake you want to avoid. Let others know how to contact you, either through
fax, email or phone. If you’re a skilled professional such as a dentist you might want to list your office address too.

4. Not putting relevant information
If you want to use a blog as a marketing and business tool, then do put in relevant content
related to your niche market. If you just want to rant and ramble about anything under the Sun,
then this probably wouldn’t matter.

5. Using untargeted keywords in your blog title
Your blog can be turned into rss feeds, and the title of the blog is the keyword
that people will use to search for targeted content. If you want your feed to appear in the
search result, make sure you use targeted keywords in your blog title.

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