Can a Stay-At Home-Mom Create a Legitimate Home Business?

Can a stay-at-home-mom create a legitimate home business? You may be asking yourself that question. And I am pleased to announce that “yes you can”! And it might be easier than you think. My wife was a stay-at-home mom for nearly 18 years until the kids recently went their separate ways. During her time in purgatory (I really do love our kids) she decided she needed to find an outlet for her creativity and another means of contributing to society. But, she began to doubt her business viability since she had been absent from the work sector for so long. With a bit of research, online marketing and encouragement from friends and family, my wife went to work on a home based strategic plan that successfully paid off.

There were 5 major steps she had to consider:

1. What kind of business do I choose?
2. How much time will it take?
3. How much money should I invest?
4. Do I have the skills needed to be successful?
5. Do I need an aggressive marketing plan?

Number 4 on the list is a big one; too many stay-at-home-moms doubt their business savvy. I pointed out to my wife that stay-at-home moms are like CEO‘s and CFO’s. They make major decisions for the family unit. They handle the finances, purchase goods and services, resolve conflicts, offer valuable assistance to family members, and set an example. Wow! Stay-at-home-mom’s are pretty special! So why can’t a stay-at-home-mom like you start your own successful home business?

First of all, you need a plan. Go back to the 5 steps just mentioned and take a little time mulling them over again. Write down your goals: make extra money, be my own boss, work at my own pace, travel while my business runs itself, etc. Then, find a business that will match your goals. With most home-based businesses, you’ll have to invest time and some start-up money. My wife invested under $100 to start her own home business. So don’t feel like you’ll need thousands of dollars to do it. Use the computer skills you have to get the word out about your business. Forums, free online marketing, emails, etc. The internet is a remarkable place. And a rewarding place.

The first year my wife made $35,000. Not bad for a start-up home business. Last year she pulled in just over $60,000. She was such an inspiration to me. And she felt great about herself. She was less stressed, happier, generous, and fun to be around.

If you’re a stay-at-home-mom thinking about starting your own home business, you can do it! The first step is to believe in yourself. And then follow through with your plans and goals. Dreams can come true. And you can make your dream of a home business a reality.

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Robert H. Oppenheimer is from the Chicago area and is an online entrepreneur and author of many articles on managing your own online company.

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