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The days when simple content syndication was sufficient to “fool” search engines into indexing your web pages and giving them a good rank is long gone. Now, not only will your blog not benefit from such promoting tactics but it is highly likely to get blacklisted for using them. The good news is that SEO experts enthusiastically work towards resolving this issue and their hard work has been well rewarded. Now blog owners and search engine optimization executives can use a simple yet clever and effective solution named Auto Traffic Buddy.

Auto Traffic Buddy (ATB) is a ground-breaking online marketing product built to boost the search engine rankings of your web pages, increase your blog’s Internet exposure and therefore to bring more traffic automatically. Created by Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback, owners and creators of many other internet marketing software products and content syndication networks, this potent search engine optimization product permits blog owners to control the search engine optimization market every time they post without the hassle of the real search engine optimization work.

How does Auto Traffic Buddy work? Auto Traffic Buddy was built to be straightforward to use for both search engine optimization gurus and folk with little or no knowledge in online marketing. The primary arrangement of the plugin is very simple, and can be completed in only a few minutes, and there’s a thorough manual that explains each part of the setup process. Once the tool is set, blog owners do not need to do anything else – each time they create a new post to their blog, Auto Traffic Buddy takes care of its search engine rankings, SEO and internet marketing of the page.

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    Although Auto Traffic Buddy is simple to use, it basically uses an all-encompassing system of potent search engine optimization backlinking strategies. Basically, every time you add a new blog post, a completely unique snippet of the post is sent to a number of your created blogs in the Auto Traffic Buddy network and each one of these new articles links to the first post. It is very important to point out that, unlike other matching tools, Auto Traffic Buddy creates 100 percent unique illustrations of the first post without any intervention and each of the blogs in the Auto Traffic Buddy network has its own IP. Both of these features are extremely important for good search engine optimisation and high rankings.

    What does Auto Traffic Buddy actually do? The way Auto Traffic Buddy works is a true time saver. But its true value is in something else: every time you publish a new post to your blog, Auto Traffic Buddy organizes for its swift search engine indexing, high ranking and web marketing.

    This happens thanks to the Auto Traffic Buddy’s all-encompassing RSS update and distribution system that distributes original snippets of your post among many RSS related directories and services. Additionally, Auto Traffic Buddy’s complex back-end promotion platform markets your blog post to a number of third party services such as Tweeter, Tumblr, Blogger, Xanga and the like. The combination of these services ensures that every single newly added page you add to your blog gets indexed by Google and the other search engines faster, receives huge net exposure right away and so starts to drive traffic.

    Who is Auto Traffic Buddy designed for? As discussed above, Auto Traffic Buddy is a Web promotional product handy for both skilled search engine marketing pros and folks with little or no search engine optimization experience. It is a leading edge plugin that’s useful for virtually any person enthusiastic about receiving high search engine ranks, excellent Internet presence and tons of free traffic.

    If you are excited about learning more about Auto Traffic Buddy so that you can boost the search engine rankings of your web pages, increase your blog’s Internet exposure and therefore to bring more traffic automatically then you need to go to Auto Traffic Buddy now.


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