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If you’re not preselling, you’re losing money

If you want to make more money as an affiliate, you must presell.

Before we begin, we need to first define what preselling is. Well, it is an art. And it’s also a science. And it’s function is to prepare your reader to buy something. Then you send them to the site that sells what you’ve prepared them for. When done correctly, your reader will not even notice.

The gist is that you give your reader some useful information. And then refer them to the product website. In a second we’ll talk about how to do actually it. First, it’s important to understand why we do it. Just a few of the reasons you want to presell.

  • It builds trust – And gaining the trust of your readers helps them want to click your links. And the more traffic you can send to the sale page, the more commissions you’ll earn.
  • It takes your reader out of defense mode – Nobody likes to be sold something. By not doing that to them, your reader is less defensive. Unguarded reading means they’re not filtering what you say. And your intention is conveyed more easily.
  • It creates buying readiness – Your readers are now receiving your message. And in turn, they’re open to other messages, as well. Like the info on product sales page you’ve linked to. Sending them to the sales page in this state makes them more receptive to the actual pitch.
  • You make more money – You’ve prepped them and referred them in the right state of mind. Open to the sales message and feeling safe. The only possible result is more sales!
  • Your customers are happier – People like to make their own buying decisions. Instead of feeling pressured or “sold”. So they are happier with their purchase.
  • Preselling increases your bottom line – Satisfied customers are less like to refund. And that translates to more commission staying in your affiliate business.

Clearly preselling makes sense. You increase your profits. And produce happier customers. That’s a clear win-win.

OK, so how do you do it?

Now you know whey preselling is critical. And I hope you’re resolved to being preselling, too. So, it’s time to break down how it works. Remember, there are two components – art and science.

Mastering the art

The first step is in getting your readers to trust you and open up. Honestly, the only way to do this is to provide real value in you content. Now, providing enough info to be useful, but still making them want more – that’s the art of it. That is, they have to be wanting more when you refer them to the product sales page for the product you’re trying to sell. Plus they’re not guarded, so they’re more open and likely to purchase the product.

It’s also a science

There’s also a specific formula you need to follow.

The first is how you present the information. You need to know where you’re going before you begin. Your goal is to sell the product you’re promoting. There are two ways to accomplish this with great content. First, you can provide useful but incomplete information. Or you can give them so much information that it feels overwhelming to do what you’re talking about. Whichever method, you send them to a product website that solves the problem you just created.

But you can’t link to your affiliate link. You have directly to the home page of the product. When you do this, you’re click-throughs go way up. But how will you earn affiliate commissions if you don’t use your affiliate link? This is all part of the science of preselling. You “pre-cookie” your reader before sending them to the sales page.

Next, you want to make sure you’re linking on related words and phrases. People are used to clicking on hyperlinked words to get information they’re looking for. And when the words are in context like this, it makes perfect sense for your reader to click them.

What you have now is a super powerful system for affiliate marketing success.

Now for the bad news…

Doing all of this right is really hard! Let’s look at the skills required to pull it off: Great content. First of all, you actually have to write great articles and give value to your readers. To do that you have to have enough information to be valuable and be able to present it in a useful way. Writing to presell. First, you have to give good information. And you have to make the content accessible in order to provide value. While at the same time making them want more. The other approach is to reveal a self-evident problem through the information.

Product selection. You also need to determine what products you’ll be preselling. Even if you can pull off writing and great article. Your efforts are completely wasted if you don’t pick a winning product.

Techy stuff. And finally, you need the technical know-how to embed your image tag and make sure you get credit for the sale. This is actually pretty simple – just embed a 1 pixel X 1 pixel image and set your affiliate link as the “source” of the image. (But if you mess it up, your referrals won’t be tracked.)

In closing:

Now you know what it takes to be a Presell Pro. Preselling properly will boost your affiliate profits up to 500%! So, start now and develop preselling content for all your affiliate promotions. Don’t wait another minute. The effort it takes is well worth the benefits…

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