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Our Products: – Financial Accounting Software, inventory control software, CRM software, billing software (VAT Enabled) seemlessly integrated into a single software solution for business accounting software and web business for you if you are have a business or services belonging to one of the following business segments: Business Houses, organizations using the VAT accounting and inventory control, Traders, dealers, distributors or dealers of goods, consumer goods , pharmaceuticals / drugs, wholesalers, major retailers, medical, hospital providers, industries, manufacturing units, Automobile, vehicle service stations, garages, petrol stations, hotels, hostels, motels, hospitals, homes nursing, laboratory pathology, X-Ray Labs, Newspapers, magazines, magazine publishers, commodity brokers, Other Business Ready to computerize can use our software services off-the-shelf and customized. The full range consists of the following software packages available on the market: 1. VAT accounting and inventory control for the trading and business houses, dealers, distributors, dealers, supermarkets, retailers. 2. HiTech Financial Accounting for business houses, organizations, all Computer Users wanting to use computerized Financial Accounting. 3. HiTech Sales Manager, the stock records and trading houses and business, resellers, distributors, dealers, supermarkets, retailers. 4. Responsible for the Hitech industry for small medium and small industries, manufacturing units.5. HiTech Hospital Manager for the hospital, nursing homes, clinics, diagnostic / pathology centers. 6. HiTech Hotel Manager of hotels, guest houses, motels. 7. HiTech Pharma Sales Manager, the stock records and trading houses and business, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and CFA for drugs and pharmaceuticals. 8. HiTech SSAM for Automobile Dealers car, two wheels, Automobiles, service stations, garage. 9. HiTech Newspaper Management Software for all newspapers, magazine publishers wanting to Computerized Traffic, Advertising, Commerce and Financial Accounting Dept. 10. HiTech Financial Accounting for fuel pumps for petrol pumps, service stations and other computer users wanting to use computerized Financial Accounting. 11. HiTech Financial Accounting for Commodity Brokers for Accounting, Bargain Management, Payroll Software for commodity brokers, agents of the Commission, all other computer users wanting to use computerized Financial Accounting. You can download full featured demo on our website so you can fully test the software before you buy. Do not delay in taking the first step in enterprise computing today, if your company have been computerized to take the next step to getting customized software as per your requirements to continue to reap the benefits of IT. Information is money and be more in the future market. So act now. If you want customized software send us details. Accounting based on the Web and application of inventory control with the online store and shopping cart is also available. We will be happy to make the change in the package to suit your needs at reasonable prices additional charges. These additional costs depend on the extent of customization required by you. Please give more details if you need such customization and we will be happy to quote for the same. You can buy the software’s online secure payment gateway. Download full version software for the demo. To unlock the software for unlimited use, you must purchase a license key. When you purchase a license key, you can immediately start using this software. We will also send you the software on CD and printed help manual. Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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