A Primer On The Many Ways To Make Money Online

There are many, many, many ways by which you could earn money online. There are ways that could earn for you a lot of profit at a relatively short period of time. There are ways that would require a gestation period that would take a little more time to pay off. There are ways that would require a lot of work. There are ways that would afford you a lot of time to relax, but would be just as profitable, if not even more.

Naturally, the popular option would be those opportunities that would demand less from you but would promise more rewards. Yes, these opportunities exist, but are they the right ones for you? That remains to be seen, though by the end of these lessons, you’ll be armed with everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, you need to know to succeed in whatever online field you will decide to pursue.

The fact is, the opportunity you will choose must be complemented by your own skills, your own passion and your own interests. Loving your work would make the latter less onerous, after all, and this would result in a more fulfilling experience for you. More importantly, loving your work would make you more committed to your field, and this would result in better products and better production for you.

But before we could study your skills, we should first study the online opportunities that you could choose from. Here are some very profitable moneymaking options on the internet:

1. Telecommuting. Telecommuting is like working for your employer. The difference is that you could work from the comforts of your own home. You won’t have to spend for transportation. You won’t have to deal with nosy and irritating officemates. You won’t have to settle for claustrophobia-inducing cubicles. Whatever the employer will ask you to do, and whatever is included in your job description, you could carry out from your own home, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. All you need, really, are a computer, a phone line, a reliable internet connection, and in certain instances, a fax machine.

2. Selling your services. Whether you’re proficient with writing, graphic design, web design, programming, and the likes, you will always find some clients for what you could offer. Remember, the internet opens the way to a global market. Yes, the entire world is a well of potential clients! If you can do what they need to be done, then rest assured that you’ll be in business for a long, long time.

3. Selling your own tangible products. You could sell some physical goods online. Whether they’re something that you create yourself, or something that you have bought from suppliers and you wish to trade for a higher price, the internet will forever be a channel where you could peddle your goods to a worldwide market. You could sell them through your own website, or through some established auctions sites like www.ebay.com , where millions of dollars exchange hands every single day without fail.

4. Selling information products. I could discuss this forever, and I will never be able to convey the amazing potentials of this option. The internet is called the information superhighway for a reason. It’s because information fuels the various processes online. If you have information that other people would need, then you’ll be doing good – nay – great business. And the fact that information is cost-effective to create into distributable form, and the fact that information can easily be distributed through online channels, makes this very commodity the most lucrative product for an online undertaking.

5. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. With the advent of Google AdSense, the online world changed. Many even attribute the web’s fantastic recovery from the dot com bubble burst early into the millennium to the introduction of PPC programs, led by Google’s moneymaking offer. Today, a lot of webmasters create hundreds upon hundreds of websites, EACH, with all of them imbued with the PPC code that earn as much as $25,000 in earnings per month. But don’t be misled by such a high end statistic, as such is quite rare and is reserved for the best and most experienced PPC veterans. $400 to $4,000 would be a more realistic goal when it comes to this opportunity.

6. Affiliate programs. Many claim that affiliate programs are the quickest and most efficient way of making a living online, and it’s true. There are no enrollment expenses, and you won’t have to take care of processing payments, providing technical support, and delivering the products that must be sold. All you have to do is to pre-sell an affiliate merchant’s products and you’d stand to earn the most generous commissions possible, in the range of 20% to 95% per sale.

The last three options are perhaps the most profitable opportunities available for you. They, together with the other options discussed in the previous lesson, will be discussed in full details in the coming days. But most of our focus would revolve around these three opportunities, as I believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are the best choices towards online prominence and prosperity.

There are other options, of course, like product creation, resale rights marketing, joint ventures and the likes, but they are merely incidental to the above.

But let’s leave those for subsequent articles, shall we?

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