A Home Business Without A Mentor!

As I have written in other articles I once heard a man say “He paid to play golf, but if he had a coach and concentrated on his game of golf, he would be paid to play golf.” Think about this statement! If he had a coach to teach him he would be an expert golfer and would be on a golfing tour.

This is the same with a home business. If you want success you must have a coach. Coaches are called mentors and are a smart way to insure your success. If you are planning to start or are already running a home business you must have a coach. Why, because without one you will shorten your ability to achieve success. You are probably saying, I can do it by myself. Maybe you can but do you want to take the chance. The cards are stacked against you. As I have said in other articles, nine businesses out of ten will fail in the first five years. Do you want to be a success or a casualty?

Having a coach or a mentor is just plain smart. Like the professional sports people who have coaches or mentors, so should you in running your business, especially a home business. The reason why home businesses fail is simply because people don’t have the knowledge to run a business. It’s like building a house without plans or an architect. You may have lots of business information in your head, but I guarantee you that all that information is geared to the employee mentality, and not the CEO mentality. People who start home business don’t think like a CEO they think like and employee and end up going to work in their own business.

Having a good mentor is like having a personal coach that has your best interest at heart. They want you to succeed! Their whole goal is that you become smarter than they are.

Be careful, get a mentor that knows how to get you where you need to go. Always find a mentor that makes more than you do and has created wealth for themselves. So many times people embark on the course to set up a home business because they have bought into some MLM or Network Marketing system, and have been sold the expectation that they will be able to achieve their dreams. All they have to do is pay their money and then voila they make money.

The people selling the home business opportunities are just like you, trying to make their home business work. They are going to the internet and putting their company provided website, [Most companies make the people pay a fee for their website.] into the internet and sit back waiting for the results. Most people will pay for leads and then send the leads information emails to get them to respond and purchase their products. The people guiding you in setting up this new home business are unskilled to assisting you in making your business grow. You need a mentor that knows what its like to make money on the internet and has a solid track record in successfully running a home business. You also want to listen to someone who makes exponentially more than you want to. If you want to make $100,000 per year find someone to coach you that makes $500,000.

There is so much misinformation on the internet about home business and because of it people lose dollars all the time. The money is lost by investing in the next latest and greatest home business, paying money to belong to the business and then having to purchase the products or systems. After large sums of money are spent then you are left to fend for yourself. Most fail! The creator of the home business makes the money and the many people who sign up come and go. The actual retention rate of people in these companies is extremely low.

I have heard of people spending upwards of ten thousand to twenty thousand dollars for the sales rights to sell products in their home business. Once the money is spent than the people in the up-line disappear and you are on you own. This is all wrong!

In order to protect yourself you must have a team in place. You must have a mentor who brings to the table a good accountant, to assist you in being efficient. You see, having a home business will save you tax dollars. You will pay less in taxes and be able to use the same tax benefits as major corporations do. You need to have a mentor that takes a personal interest in your business. You need to think like a CEO and not an employee. CEO‘s have teams set up to run companies and then everyone reports to the Board of Directors to assist in running the companies. Now granted you are not able to hire a Board of Directors but you can get a mentor to make sure that you are doing things right.

Mentors are not expensive! You can pay them a flat rate or by the hour. They will pay for themselves multi-fold by saving you money and time. What ever they charge its worth it and you can’t afford not to have one. Don’t let the price fool you, your savings will be worth it. Your tax savings alone would cover the cost, plus the price of the mentor is tax deductable. Sometime the people in your up-line can mentor you, but this is not likely since they are new to running a home business as you are.

When is see the money that is wasted on home businesses that don’t work it amazes me. I am equally blown away by the simple fact that when a business uses mentorship to assist them how successful it can be. People don’t have to lose money, they don’t have to become a failure statistic either. If you are reading this article and have a desire to start or be more efficient in your home business you should give us a call or fill out a request form to have one of our staff contact you and explain our mentoring process further.

I hope to see you on the side of success.

Dr. Raymond Jewell

Host, http://www.FinancialFreedomRadio.info


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