7 Reasons Why People Choose a Work From Home Business

Why do people choose to start a home based business? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are people to answer it. Though there is no way to sum up every reason anyone has ever had for operating a home business, it is possible to look at some of the most common reasons that people have for doing so, and knowing the most common reasons why people like home based businesses could very well help you decide if a home based business is right for you.

1. You Get To Go To Work In Your Pajamas

This is conceivably the most popular reason for anyone wanting to work at home. It’s not so much that you simply get to wear that ratty t-shirt and your flannel pants at “the office,” but the real perk is the convenience of rolling out of bed, taking your bowl of cereal with you to the computer, and just getting to work without any concern for what you look like, freeway traffic, impressing the boss or getting up on time. In that regard, working from home is so much easier.

2. You Get To Be With Your Family

When you’re at an office downtown, you can’t stop to kiss your wife or take a break to play catch with the kids. When you’re the owner of an Adventures in Advertising franchise, your client’s advertising needs do not generally need to be taken care of immediately. You can spend time with your family, your favorite pet and so much more, because you’re in the home office, only 20 feet away from the people you love the most. That proves to be a big help on those days when your son is home sick, your daughter needs to be picked up from ballet, the dog just came in covered in mud, and your spouse just can’t manage without your help.

3. You Get To Choose Your Own Hours

Getting up at 6am to be at work at 8am is not for everyone, though most people manage to suffer through it when it’s required of them. When you work from home, however, you have the freedom to work when you work best. However, there are still restrictions to that rule, even in home business. For instance, as owner of a DVDNow automated rental machine business, you cannot just wake up at midnight and expect to access the machines you’ve placed in grocery stores and malls around town, because those businesses are closed. Yet you do have the freedom to sleep into the afternoon and still be able to do your work, if it suits you and suits whatever business you own.

4. You Don’t Have To Start From Scratch

This has far more to do with the fact that these businesses are franchises and less to do with the fact that they’re operated from home. The benefit of buying a Human Resource Rx franchise is that instead of having to figure out how to open and operate a business-to-business human resources establishment, form a client base of local small businesses, build your business name, and profit entirely on your own power, everything is planned out for you, before you even make the purchase. In some ways it’s like the difference between painting a Van Gogh freehand and a Van Gogh paint-by-numbers.

5. You Get Ongoing Support

Not only does the WSI Internet franchisee not have to start his business by himself, but every franchise business for sale comes with the continued support of the franchisor, who works diligently to ensure that the franchisee has everything he needs to continue working in a way that profits him and honors the business‘ name. The purpose of both the central company and the franchisee is to ensure that the business is providing clients with the best internet marketing help they can get.

6. You Get To Pick Your Own Clients

Let’s face it, not all people work as well together as others; some clients just aren’t going to be good matches for you and your particular services, and that’s fine. When you work for someone else, that someone has the power to decide who your clients will be, but what working for yourself provides you with is the freedom to decide who you want to take on as a client: who will work well with you and who won’t. There are few business opportunities outside of home business that give that degree of liberty, and franchise owners recognize that.

7. Work Only As Often As You Like

Many franchises afford you the autonomy to determine your own workload, because franchisors realize that for varying reasons, not every franchisee is interested in making the same time commitment to their new business. TVME Inc, for example, is a business that sells computerized media centers to entertainment and food establishments, and while the franchisee is responsible for making sales, he is completely free to make as many or as few as he wishes. So depending on what the business owner’s other responsibilities and sources of income are, he can set his home based business workload to fit around those.

The reasons to start a work at home business are abundant, but what it comes down to for most people is the chance to be free of the 9-5 grind and everything that it entails. Whether your real love is work, play, family, friends, or free time, working from home on your own terms can help you better dedicate yourself to that end without suffering financially.

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