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10 Best Social Networking Sites

The great thing about social networking is that it is changing how people communicate with friends, family, businesses and everyone else online, and it is even revolutionizing how people make money online as well. You can target new friends, old friends, family members and even new customers on the top ten best social networking sites.

You can also develop relationships and introduce people to what you have to offer. If you have never looked into social networking then it is time that you did. If you do not know where to start when it comes to social networking, you can look no further. Here are the top ten best social networking sites and what they can offer you.

1 – MySpace – This is the biggest general social networking site, and is essential if you want to meet people and facilitate conversations online. There are millions of people using MySpace, are you one of them?

2 – Facebook – This is another general social networking site that is similar in nature to MySpace. What it offers is unique in many ways, making it necessary to be a member of both for best results.

3 – YouTube – YouTube is a social networking website that allows you to build a channel of self-uploaded videos that you can share with others. This is a great way to build relationships through viral video marketing.

4 – LinkedIn – This is a website that allows you to network with professionals in your industry and others. If you want to get to know people with similar business interests, this is the way to do it.

5 – Twitter – Twitter capitalizes on micro-blogging, allowing you to follow what your friends are doing and share micro-updates with the people who want to know what you are up to as well.

6 – Classmates – Classmates is a social networking website that connects you with friends from your past, allowing you to keep in touch with old schoolmates in order to rekindle friendships.

7 – Xanga – Xanga is a blogging community that allows you to share blogs, photos, videos and a lot more so that you can network with people that have similar interests from all over the world.

8 – Squidoo – Squidoo is becoming popular really fast, allowing people to create their own personal websites called lenses about any topic under the sun.

9 – MSN Groups – MSN Groups is a division of MSN that allows you to network with other people in a variety of different and unique ways to facilitate community and conversation.

10 – AOL Hometown – AOL Hometown is similar to MSN groups, though produced by AOL instead. It is a community based division of AOL that allows you to facilitate communication with people from all over the world.

As you well know there are many other social networking sites out there. By understanding the terms of service for each of the above and other adult social networking sites you can become known around the globe. Not just from a social standpoint but also from an internet marketing and business standpoint. Now it’s up to you to leverage your business and social life using the best social networking sites.

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