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Something totally worth taking a look at for your small business internet marketing plan, is a programme that’s popping up. It’s large in the States, it should catch on here, it’s beginning to catch on, called foursquare. Go ahead, register your business there. It’s reasonably straightforward, head over to foursquare.com. Get yourself an account. Search for your special business. If it has not got a local business listing, create one. Then what you can do is, it is one of these location based programmes that are appearing on the phones. What folks are doing, it’s very popular to test in somewhere, that is what you do on foursquare.

If I Am down at the local bar I would go ‘at the Corner Hotel’ and anyone who follows me on Facebook sees I’ve got my foursquare filters straight into my Facebook. So you can see often it’ll pop up, it will say, hey, Dave’s down at the Corner Hotel having a lager with Tim or whatever the case may be. That’s how people are using it.

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    How do you, an internet entrepreneur, use it as a local enterprise or for local business search? You can start to do things where you inspire people to check in at your local economy. The person that checks in the most, ends up getting mayor standing, and you become mayor of a particular area. You may be mayor of Bell town, you may be mayor of the dentist in South Yarra, you may be mayor of whatever and once you claim your listing, you can give mayors’ special rebates.

    This works extremely well if you’re in things like nightclubs or Starbucks.

    It did really well in the US. You can basically go and check into a different Starbucks location through local business listing and the mayor of Starbucks gets half price Starbucks while they’re mayor. You log in and show them your iPhone that you’re currently mayor of this particular location and you get half price Starbucks. It’s very competitive because people go back to the Starbucks and check in again and it’s all based on where you are. So I can’t be sitting here in Melbourne and say I’m checking into Starbucks in San Diego. You have to actually be there in the right geo location and it’s all part of that.

    The question is how this new search is going to modify. In relation to this, you can check some SEO services review. Going back, I do not use foursquare, I find it a little bit of a diversion personally for lots of folk, if I’m in a new town in Sydney as an example and I’ve got a lot of friends who are on foursquare, I’d go on to foursquare and check where all my friends have been going to eat in Sydney. You can go ‘restaurants in Sydney, where have my mates been going’ and it will show me local business listing, the restaurants my friends go to and check into constantly. Scott’s the mayor of this actual restaurant. He must go there once every three weeks or once every two weeks. I could go there to eat. It’s that kind of search that’s going to switch the world.


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