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Traffic Launch Pad is a free back link software from the blokes behind TrafficKaboom and claims to make 175 back links to your internet site. What I want to know is, does it work?

I originally downloaded the tool last Thursday, and I had a problem with my license actually working but was highly impressed with how swiftly support replied and fixed my problem. Not a good way to begin with this specific tool but it’s free and support responded quickly , so that impressed me.

I submitted my first site and out of 138 sites, 2 failed and 1 timed out, but It ran smooth and appeared to work. I looked in my statistics and saw some spiders from different sites that I didn’t recognize but nothing basically out of the ordinary. I didn’t have a specific agenda behind this first run as I just wanted to see if this program actually worked.

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    In the training guide, which had an interesting strategy using some other free resources, I noticed Mike Johnson of Auto Blog Plan had a testimonial that seemed positive about getting increased rankings. I myself have not heard a unpleasant thing from him, and he presented as a pretty honest guy, so I decided I would try the tool again but this time with a specific keyword on a couple of sites. So I picked 2 sites, one that was new and one that was old and ran the tool for those sites. The new site was nowhere to be found in Google yet, as I’ve not started advertising it yet and the old one is 2 years of age. Due to getting simply side tracked, it took till the weekend to try this, which was good because by that time they had added more sites for a total of 175. On a side note, I did see an email from them about issues with people updating. I didn’t have any issues but seemingly others did. I can not comment on that and if some other person can that might be good. I’d be interested in knowing how well support was for that.

    I originally did this on Sat. and completely forgot about it yesterday but checked this morning, and it did basically work. Now, this is using statspress and I realize that is not the worlds best statistics checker, but both sites saw definite increases in spider activity, rss activity and overall traffic. My new site was now indexed in Google and was ranking position 588 (Google.com) for my first keyword that I used. Not earth shattering but hey, I’ll take it and remember that was with no other promotion. My established site saw a little bit of a bump in traffic but sadly no increase in rankings (now position eight).

    My conclusion is, it is surely a solid free tool, and I am going to continue to use it on new sites, but also I think it might be ideal for promoting my public profile at ezinearticles and youtube and any other site that has profiles and a rss feed.

    One thing to note, this specific tool is a component of the prelaunch of a recent offering from the Jasons, and so I am really not sure if they are going to be only giving it away for free till the launch or not. Be interested in knowing that. Take a look at it for yourself at http://traffickaboom.com


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