7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

Consider this: What’s the most common reason people get online each and every day? The answer is simple – they’re looking for information. Google alone serves up 400 million searches per day! So what does this mean to you? Well, this is an opportunity for your to provide what people want – information. And if you do it right . . . to make some money along the way.

Info marketing explained

First of all, an info business is the least complex business possible. You take information and turn it into a digital product – like and ebook. And other people buy this product to get the info. Sounds simple enough, right?

How do you make it work?

OK, the concept is simple. In order to be successful you’ve got to provide information people want. So the key is to figure out what people want. How can you find out what people want?

A super simple trick is to just to check “answer” sites. Visit answers.yahoo.com or similar sites and you’ll get a good idea of the kinds of things people need help with. You’re looking for popular questions or common themes. That people are having trouble solving. Then just give them the answer in your ebook.

An encouraging word

If you’re concerned about information product development Think about this: An ebook is just a series of articles. Don’t try to write a whole ebook. Just write some articles for your blog. And when you’ve got a few finished, refine and expand on them and combine them into a single ebook.

So, what’s so great about ebooks? Interestingly enough, we’re back to the name of this article How about 7 reasons why:

1. Simplicity

An info product business runs on auto-pilot. And your customers need very little support. So it’s nearly a 100% hands-free business. You’re building a completely automated business.

You don’t have any inventory. You don’t have to ship anything. Your business is 100% digital.

2. Repurposing

Once you have a few info products created. You can put together bigger more expensive information products. It’s very easy to package multiple ebooks together as one new one. And your new product will be able to carry a much higher sticker price. There’s greater perceived value in a single big course. As opposed to a bunch of little ones.

3. Private label right

You can grant other people resell rights to your own products. This is a very popular topic right now, because people just don’t want to invest the time and money into making their own. Plus, you can charge double, even triple your selling price for resell rights!

4. Leverage

It’s your content, so you can use it in as many different ways as you want. Take parts of your info product and turn it into a email training series. And build an email list that you can sell other products to.

5. More leverage

Utilize your content in as many ways as you can – like creating a few reports from parts of the ebook. Then you can use the reports as the front-end of your product funnel. They can be free or low prices. And you’re creating targeted leads for your main product all along. And if you’re really clever, you’ll let your affiliate use these reports as marketing tools. Wait, did I say “affiliates”?

6. Affiliates

This is a real power strategy. Once you have your own product. Other people can become your affiliates. How would you like to have an army of affiliates selling your products? You can’t do this unless you have your own product.

7. JVs

I’ve saved the best for last. Joint ventures are the biggest short cut to success known to man. That makes this is the biggest reason for creating your own info products. No products of your own = no way to do joint ventures.

In closing

If you don’t want to sell digital products by now, then you haven’t been paying attention. You’ll be the master of your destiny. Because you’re 100% in control. So, don’t waste any more time:

  • Go to answers.yahoo.com
  • Discover what questions are being asked
  • Start providing information

Don’t make info product creation any more complicated than that. And in short time you’ll have the foundation for your own info product.

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